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APC Fitness

APC Fitness

Practice Self Care

Anthony Paul Carroll

I help Men and Women change their bodies and their lifesyles.

"In addition to providing a safe and effective workout programme, I also provide guidance, support and motivation to my clients as they strive to achieve health and fitness goals, such as fat loss and muscle gain."

  • My training will guide you on how to perform exercises correctly and safely, ensuring you are targeting the right muscles and preventing injuries. Even the most seasoned gym goer can be challenged by proper form!


  • Knowledge and experience: I have a broad knowledge of a range of topics, including anatomy and the best training methods. If you work with me, you can take advantage of this information without having to do the research yourself, or trying methods that aren’t effective.


  • Getting you to your limits: I am passionate and supportive, but I will also challenge and motivate you to do your best. You are much more likely to break through a plateau or achieve personal bests when you work with a PT!


  • A difficult battle for some people is getting to the gym. As a result, you can reach your goals faster if you have a Personal Trainer as part of your fitness journey.


  • Fitness training should be customised: One size does not fit all when it comes to fitness. Training plans will be created according to your requirements, abilities, and goals, making sure they are challenging but doable.
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