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  • I started using a personal trainer in March this year. After living unhealthy for the most part of my life I got to the point where I knew I needed to make a change. Starting in the gym was daunting at first so. I stuck to what I knew (30 minutes walking on the treadmill and an attempt on the cross trainer!) then I found Anthony.

    From March until now I have learnt so much about not only fitness and training but health, nutrition, mindset and lifestyle. Having a personal trainer who is not only there for the weekly training sessions but support all around has motivated me to keep going. Having a great network of people which are Anthony’s other clients to share progress tips and techniques really makes you feel like part of a little community all helping each other.

    My eating habits wasn’t “what are we eating for this meal” it was “what takeaway are we having for this meal” it has taken months but a life time of bad habits aren’t fixed or changed over night. Anthony has been great at drip feeding information at my pace personal to me making tweaks and changes to my plan as we have gone along. After 6 months I now have the skills to do this myself making my own changes to my lifestyle I am able to notice where I am slacking and areas that I need to focus and work on.

    I was once a person who thought making the most of the day was rushing my day to day life to get absolutely slaughtered from alcohol and drugs to wake up rough and eat food till which made me feel good… for 5 minutes! I was stuck in a cycle of party hard recover start again where as now I train hard recover start again!

    I could never see myself as the person who woke up in the morning and craved endorphins from working out and good nutrition rather than a high that I regretted. You never feel bad when you eat good and train well and the high you get from that feels so much better! Don’t get me wrong I still love a drink now and then but I factor that into my life now rather than factoring my life into the drink.

    Practice makes perfect as they say and practicing a healthier life style sticks with you if you stick at it.

    When you fall off it’s not the end of the world you’ll have these skills for life once you learn them and I can’t thank Anthony enough for that. I am now at a stage I never thought I would be at where I am right now – not only having lost weight but wanting to continue with my training I am now working towards training plans to build muscle and get stronger which back in March didn’t even cross my mind. Training has brought new opportunities and thoughts which I wouldn’t have otherwise had.

  • Chrissie says:

    I started training with Ant just before lockdown. I needed to do some form of fitness to make myself feel better and stronger as i had not done any form of fitness training for about a year (due to a bulging disc in my back)
    I had put on weight and just felt wobbly! I was not motivated enough to go to the gym on my own, let alone have the confidence.
    A friend recommended Ant, so I signed up for a 4 week programme. Ant was fantastic from the get go!
    Ant set me up on a strengthening program to get my back strong again without the worry of further injury and I grew in confidence pushing myself more and more.
    I enjoyed my sessions that much I stayed training with Ant for two years!
    Ant was in constant contact with me throughout my time with him, ensuring i stayed focused and was on the right track. Ant also educated me on nutrition and provided me with all the tools I needed to reach my goals!!
    I will miss my sessions with Ant but he has gave me the confidence I needed to go it alone.
    Not only have I got stronger, and less wobbly I’ve made a friend for life 🙂
    If you’re needing that push to get yourself on the right path don’t hesitate to get in touch with Ant he is the best!! 💯💪

  • Julia says:

    If I had to describe my experience with Anthony in three words, it would be Encouragement, Empathy and Support. I was looking for a gym trainer but instead I found amazing health and lifestyle coach. Anthony is so passionate about every single aspect of his clients journeys, he goes above and beyond to provide with carefully selected and personalised information about nutrition, exercising, motivation, stress relief, healthy habit development and this is not even full list of areas of his expertise. During our PT sessions, there was no judgement whatsoever, just pure motivation and selebration of every tiny victory along the way. It was great experience and boost of motivation to keep moving towards my fitness goals!

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